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2nd June 2002

Stop NATO!

Schizophrenic America


Were it not so terribly dangerous and distressing, the sight and sound of America post-911, wailing and rending its garments over the "terrible, unimaginable loss" of that horrid day, it would be outrageously amusing. 

Since 911, it has been virtually impossible to listen to any news broadcast that does not have at least one item about the casualties of 911, the babies born into the families of the victims, the terrible loss felt by those left behind. Now, it is not as though I am saying that such "human interest" stories are necessarily inappropriate. What is totally beyond comprehension (to the rational and reasonable) that all the millions (that's right, millions) of relatives of the millions of casualties (collateral or otherwise) of US and US policies have no right to similar feelings of outrage, pain and loss.

From 1945 on, the US has accounted, directly and indirectly, for far and away more casualties worldwide than all the "axes of evil" and "evil empires" in the post-WWII period combined. Granted, America has not in every instance directly massacred all these myriad innocents. However, in addition to the carnage directly caused by the US the numbers of those who have perished at the hands of America's "willing executioners" are huge and growing. It is totally beyond question that American foreign policy has repeatedly and continually groomed, schooled and supported many of the most repressive despots, dictators and regimes in the post-WWII world.

America's schizophrenia comes from the fact that, possibly due to its deeply embedded racism, many if not most Americans believe that they are a species apart. Occasionally, at least in the minds of the American Anglophiles, this extends as well to the British (the white, Anglo-Saxon Britons that is) and, of course, Zionist Israelis. Most Americans are fully convinced of the innate goodness, generosity and benevolence of their nation and its entire work. This is merely a sign and symbol of the pitiable dearth of learning and erudition among average Americans.

Though America arguably has the best post-secondary education money can buy, the education of most Americans is so terribly narrow that, outside of their own narrow area of specialization, Americans are morons. Liberal education (along with just about everything else 'liberal') has become anathema in the US. As with just about everything else, Americans value only that which can directly be shown to be monetarily advantageous. Since a wide knowledge base presents no direct monetary advantage (an erroneous assumption widely accepted in the US, there is no demand for such education.

That American policies can only be positive and beneficial is taken for granted by most Americans. That totally ignores the fact that, if the rest of the world were to take America at its words and emulate (or attempt to) America's profligate lifestyle, the world economy and ecosystems would collapse in remarkably short order.   On the one hand, the pablum peddled to the somnambulant American public is that all of our various foreign interventions, incursions and invasions are undertaken to "spread democracy" and "American values" worldwide. However, the reality of American foreign policy is 180 in opposition to its stated aims. Examine the shameful behavior of the various proconsuls in the UN (American) satrapy of Bosnia. Yes, by God, we will teach these heathens what democracy is! When we disapprove of what is broadcast in that satrapy, the proconsul and his UN bullyboys simply seize or destroy the offending facilities and arrest or execute the personnel. When an election in that devastated region fails to produce the proper result, again the proconsul (with the obvious support of America) simply unilaterally overturns the election results and installs whatever pro-American quisling it decides is most amenable to American control and instruction. This is democracy?!?

Another conspicuous example of America's schizophrenia is demonstrated in America's stance on 'ethnic cleansing' and 'genocide'. Accusations (baseless) of such 'ethnic cleansing' and 'genocide' formed the basis for America's 79 day gang rape of Yugoslavia. However, ask any American (of course, Native Americans excluded) how America 'developed' from a fragile strip of 13 Atlantic coast colonies to a continent spanning entity. They will look at you in moronic bewilderment. When you suggest America itself may be the prime example in recent times of 'ethnic cleansing' and 'genocide', you will be verbally (if not physically) attacked, derided as 'anti-American' or, Heaven forbid, a 'radical'. The fact that American politicians fall all over themselves to rush to the aid and defense of one of the regimes most obviously engaged in 'ethnic cleansing' and 'genocide' (Israel), simply does not seem to register. 

This is not to say that genocide and ethnic cleansing should be tolerated or excused. However, if we are to be consistent and principled, then it is axiomatic that America is far overdue for a thorough and honest re-examination of its own history and behavior. Any such re-examination will be uncomfortable, distressing and disturbing to American who truly believes in the oft stated principles Americans repeatedly say they hold dear.

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