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List Rules

ANTI NATO Information List (ANTINATO@TOPICA.COM) is open to express opinions about opposition to coercive and unjust globalization and especially of its military wing, NATO.

1. By posting the first message to the List a member shall have accepted the rules of the List and shall have agreed to abide by them. Ignorance shall not be recognized as responsibility disclaimer.

2. The List is not moderated. Every message sent to the List's address will be automatically distributed to all members. Every member is entitled to warn the List Managers if a certain posting fails to conform to these rules. In a manner of speaking, the List is moderated indirectly.

3. New Members are well advised to refrain from posting for a week or so, until they catch the atmosphere.

4. All members are encouraged to post reviews, essays, impressions, comments, travelogues, personal experiences and the like about the current global situation (including the Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Kashmir, Colombia, Western Sahara, Central Asia ...)

5. Individual postings cannot be greater than 100 KB. Picture attachments are allowed only if they are strictly necessary and there is not suitable alternative (URLs), provided that the total size of the message does not exceed the limit set in the previous item. The most common formats of such attachments are: gif, jpg, bmp and png.

6. Our 'Lingua Franca' is English. All those wishing to post and item in a different language are advised to provide a summary (or preferably a full translation) in another language.

7. Should a long discussion between a small number of participants develop off topic, the List Managers will suggest publicly that the discussion be continued privately, outside the List. Participants of such a discussion will thenceforth be obliged to comply with the request.

8. Another List member, his/her motives, behaviour, personality, character or moral must not be discussed on the List. Posting of private conversations between list members to the whole of the list, in breach of confidence, is unethical and will not be tolerated.

9. Personal messages between Members, beyond the issues discussed on the List, must not be posted to the List. One sentence postings, such as "That's great!" or "I couldn't have said it better!" shall also be considered private message.

10. The List accepts postings from subscribed addresses only. Each Member can be subscribed with one e-mail address only. A Member can be subscribed to the List with two addresses only on the basis of practical necessity which is recognised and explicitly approved by the  List Managers.

11. Addressing other Members should be polite. Please bear in mind that you are addressing adults, and respect their time.

12. Topics which imply denigrating people for belonging to groups beyond their choice (ethnic origin, race, nation, sex, age, education ...) are forbidden.

13. All list members have equal rights. Nobody is granted special favours, nor denied the rights. Everybody is trusted until proven otherwise.

14. Every member who feels threatened by another member, either directly or indirectly, even by private correspondence, has the right to appeal to the list managers.    

Postings can be received in the regular mode, meaning that each message on the List is received separately (as sent), or in the digest mode, when messages are being compiled in larger messages containing the daily post and then distributed.

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