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10th February 2001

Depleted Uranium Watch

Smoke, Mirrors and Ghosts from Switzerland

Piotr Bein,,  

Vancouver, Canada  

"If it comes from Switzerland, it must be neutral, believable, good and solid, right?" This must be the latest leitmotiv of an ongoing Psychological Operations (PsyOp) plot in a made-in-Switzerland disinformation piece. PsyOp creations elsewhere also point out that the current strategy on the sinking NATO ship is to undermine  the chorus of people of all political, professional and cultural orientations around the world who, sometimes forcefully as in Greece, stand against  the alliance's criminal policies in Iraq and the Balkans, including murderous sanctions and the deliberate military targeting of civilians. Not least of these transgressions, a gravely criminal sin of the Pact which doesn't have much chance to live long after its 50th anniversary, is the spreading of nuclear  material that will adversely affect the genes of local residents, combatants and innocents breathing in DU specks dispersed around the world through the atmosphere.

Recently several such agents set out for a sking trip in the Swiss Alps, carrying, along with their skis, laptops and PsyOp manuals. While breathing DU-free, crystal-clear, crisp Alpine air on the slopes, they strained their brains and came up with an unlikely combination of topics: depleted uranium and the Racak "massacre".  PsyOp planning headquarters are located at Fort Bragg, USA, but with the globalization of NATO, European branches must have opened since the systematic demonization of the Serbs started as early as the 1960s with help of the Bundesnachrichtendiest (German CIA) and the Ustashe diaspora. (Croat Nazis who escaped the Nurnberg trials of WWII criminals.)

The product of the Swiss skiing excursion is an editorial entitled "Uranium Dust and the Specters of Racak," by one Markus Spillmann in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), first dated 27th of January, 2001, but considered so important that it also carries a later date of February 1st, 2001. The article was abridged for the presumably less intellectually equipped and busier readers under the title "Uranium Dust and the Ghosts of Racak," dated January 29th, 2001. Obviously unwittingly, the editorial lays out the tricks of the PsyOp trade and indicates, indirectly, the current propaganda strategy of NATO. Can't they find more adept staff to do a proper spin job for our tax money? 

Gas and Ghosts

What the PsyOp project accomplished at NZZ is summarized at the end of the product: "Taking facts out of context, ignoring events and reducing historical developments to deterministic slogans." A astute judgement is also rendered there, although of course directed against those who sought and spoke the truth ever since Pentagon decided to finish off Yugoslavia. NZZ described as "dishonest" and "also morally questionable" the voices opposing NATO, because this opposition leads to a "distorted perception of perpetrators and victims." Change "NATO" with "opposition" and you'll exclaim, "Exactly!"

The busting up of post-Tito Yugoslavia started with Bill 101-513 approved by the US Congress in November 1990. It abroptly cut off all US aid, commerce, credits and loans to Yugoslavia, and requested separate elections in each of the republics of the sovereign federation as a guarantee of supposed democracy and as a condition of further aid. This is known as economic warfare. 

Other types of warfare, including propaganda demonizing the Serbs, "diplomacy" and military intervention were soon to follow, in that order. NATO also invented a fifth type of warfare, yet another Horseman of the Apocalypse, to bust up Yugoslavia, in the form of a kangaroo court in the Hague which, like a rabid dog, chases "Serbs" and "Milosevic" for crimes that no forensic investigation has yet been able to prove, including the Finnish report which ruled that the Racak "massacre" was staged. This damages the credibility of US and NATO countries' politicians, for Racak was the reason for "humanely" entering the Balkans to bring "peace and order" and secure human rights for everyone except the Serbs.

According to Bill 101-513, the US Department of State was to approve both the procedures and, more importantly, the results of the elections in the former Yugoslav republics. Does this remind anyone of the "elections" accompanying the October "revolution" in Belgrade last year? The bill also obliged American personnel in the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and other institutions to purge all credits and loans for Yugoslavia, curiously resembling the traditions of earlier Robber Barons. Was the "free" market economy at stake by any chance?

Three weeks after the bill was passed, the CIA miraculously "predicted" in the New York Times that a bloody civil war would follow in the Balkans. To the designers of Bill 101-513, "democratic forces" meant small, nationalistic rightist parties. The aftermath was devastating. The Yugoslav central government could not pay the usurious interest rates imposed upon it, nor buy raw materials for its economy. Strikes, political and economic tensions, but first and foremost nationalistic antagonisms broke out inside the federation, as designed. 

As with all relevant US and NATO propaganda since 1990, the recent transparent Swiss attempt at saving NATO's face under the pretext of the Pact's "humanitarian motivation" does not mention the suffering of Serb civilians due to the sanctions mandated by Bill 101-513 and the wars that the West helped ignite in former Yugoslavia. As the effects of Bill 101-513 were being translated into carrying out the Bill's warfare mission, there were no civil wars, no separation, no mention of Yugoslavia in the world media, which at the time were filled with NATO propaganda preparing the Western public for impending slaughter and genocide in Iraq. 

The European Union, upon reading Washington's clear signal that the Balkans were available for the grabbing, joined the "democratization" effort of the "international community" by February 1991. Rightist fascist organizations like the Croat Ustashe, who were absent in Yugoslavia since their defeat by Tito partisans in WWII, suddenly started to return to the old country from the USA, Canada, Germany and Austria. They received covert help in the West and became the channel for passing money and weapons for terrorists and separatists who infiltrated Yugoslav republics. The KLA, so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, continued the same trend, giving such prominent war crime commanders as Agim Ceku, who boasts a bloody trail of civilian atrocities from Croatia to Kosovo, bypassing any war crimes tribunal.

So much for the noble cause of NATO involvement in the Balkans that Markus Spillmann writes about. Perhaps the only thing right with this journalistic gem about gas at NZZ and ghosts at Fort Bragg is the title of its abridged version. The article contains some useful knowledge from the toolbox of PsyOp, however. "Constant repetiton fails to make [the opposition's arguments] more plausible" reads like classic wishful thinking derived from the PsyOp own rule that "a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth." The tool became dull from frequent use? Maybe it is time for a job change, PsyOp-ers? There is a lot of DU dust specks to be picked up in Iraq, Bosnia and Kosovo.


Spillmann wonders if it wouldn't be better if NATO had informed the public about DU "more quickly, with fewer qualifications" and provided "facts and expertise from a neutral standpoint." He presumes that among the  reasons given for using DU ammunition would be the protection of NATO soldiers: "Uranium-tipped shells are more effective, and thus they lessen the ability of enemy tank crews to defend themselves and survive."

NATO protected the pilots high in the skies, but sacrificed the soldiers who marched into a Kosovo sprinkled with DU dust. In Iraq, NATO was so good at protecting their own that 33,000 of them have died to date and well over 100,000 are waiting for death or a lifetime of painful and crippling illnesses. That leaves every fifth veteran seriously affected by the "safe" Persian Gulf War. We don't need to wait to calculate what the toll will be from the Balkans. The trend is exactly as it was after 1991 and Iraq.

I thought the Yugoslav soldiers fought a defensive struggle against an unprovoked, unjustified, illegal and immoral attack on their sovereign country, which has every right to defend itself from terrorists and bandits, even if the former are sanctioned by the "democratic and free world" and the latter bear a Four-corner Star insignia. 

How are tanks a threat to bombers flying safely at several kilometres altitude? Why was it so important for NATO to destroy the only Yugoslav weapon that could stop a ground invasion? Come on! The refugees were mainly fleeing the bombs, KLA terror and the battles of the KLA with Yugoslav security forces. They were dispersed abroad by the KLA telling them to do so and by the latter waging armed attacks from one civilian house to another. Did NATO really only wish to walk into Kosovo in order to bring the refugees back home and restore friendly multi-ethnic relations? If NATO cared so much about the Kosovo Albanians, why didn't it warn them of and protect them from possible contamination by DU? And what happened to the much-touted multi-ethnic Kosovo since NATO marched in with its KLA adjuncts by its side?

Spin-man's Spiel ('game' in German) next moves on to the players in the Balkan chess match of national tragedies: "Politicians [...] have a hard time using  blunt words to describe the essence of any war, which is to kill the enemy without being killed." It would be equally courageous, he avers, for the politicians to ask citizens to trade off "a higher value" of protecting its own soldiers with the "negative effects that might occur later on because a certain weapon was used." 

Mr. Spiel-man believes that the same argument applies to cluster bombs, which "were used by NATO in such great numbers" to protect the pilots "from Serbian fire." NATO used all these weapons, illegal by international conventions, to blast its way into the region because of - what? A few hundred armed insurgents justifiably slain by Yugoslav forces? I guess a couple of thousand Yugoslav civilians killed by bombs, another one to three thousand finished off by the KLA under KFOR's watchful eyes in Kosovo, and 300 or 400 thousand non-Albanians cleansed from their province is a good trade-off... with who knows how many of NATO's own soldiers and Kosovars alike sick from DU. 

Obviously also impaired in his reading about Srebrenica "massacres", Sarajevo bombardments and the "nonviolent struggle" of KLA terrorists, Spillmann  would like us to believe that the "uncertainty" of Racak and the "concern" over DU are being exploited unfairly against NATO, while facts "are being twisted." The only doubts, controversies and twisting concerning said issues originates with NATO propaganda. My fingers start hurting from de-bunking DU propaganda on my keyboard for the sixth week in a row. The patience of others is running out. 

NATO is asking for trouble and it will get it. To the forensic scientists and honest observers, including OSCE people and reporters who are not afraid to tell the truth about Racak, and to the nuclear physicists and low-level radiation medical experts, there is no doubt who should stand before a tribunal of crimes against humanity.

Psychoactive Racak

The combination of the DU and Racak topics was not unlikely. Ever since the Pentagon's Special Operations command changed the designation of the Kosovo Liberation Army from "dangerous terrorist group" to "allied operative" a few years ago, we know how important the hoax at Racak was. It was the key event designed to sway European politicians to join the psycho-bandits of Solana's NATO gang who felt an urge to bomb "Milosevic" to defend "human rights" of Kosovo Albanians.

We know who would stand before a war crimes tribunal: Clinton, Albright, Rubin and Cohen in the US; Blair, Cook, and Hoon in the UK; Chretien, Eggelton and Hoon in Canada; Schröder, Scharping and Fischer in Germany; Buzek, Geremek and Onyszkiewicz in Poland, to name a few, but the list is much longer. NATO spokesman Jamie Shea is another one. In a speech "Selling a conflict - the ultimate PR challenge" he boasted to a Switzerland forum how "he won the war": "If there is no story, create one," as he did when he got Cherie Blair and Hilary Clinton to visit an ethnic Albanian refugee camp for CNN's cameras. Since the daily briefings were a Public Relations (PR) exercise, Shea and his employers have lost all credibility, wrote Neue Zurcher Zeitung, on March 30th, 2000. Was Markus Spillmann hired to  correct the expression at NZZ since then? He is doing a fine job by continuing the traditions of the American PR firm Ruder Finn, which manipulated a protest by many prominent Western Jewish organizations against alleged "Serb" death camps in Bosnia to legitimize this hoax in the eyes of world public opinion.

It is interesting that the Swiss supplier of NATO, ACLS in Spiez, also serves as their PsyOp operative.  An ACLS article by E. Schmid and Ch. Wirz figures prominently as "scientific" evidence defending NATO criminals at the NATO site about DU. How did NATO get into this supposedly neutral country? Money talks, I guess.

Bribery of a military supplier to NATO, I can understand. ACLS business people couldn't afford yodelling trips into the Alps without this bit of extra money. But NZZ? I used to ask the stewardess for a Swiss newspaper when travelling by air. I believed Swiss papers were among the most objective and informative. Now I will ask for one when going to the toilet. 

A new kind of Swiss product emerges after Swatch watches and hybrid cars: Swiss Nut on a NATO leash. I wonder how it will affect the sales of Swiss products world-wide? How can we now trust the precision of Swiss watches and optical measuring instruments, if the Swiss can't add 2 and 2 together? Let's spread the word.

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